Carol Sommer

Carol Sommer



Instagram (or alternative)

How would you describe your usual method for making photographic imagery?
Trial and error

What or who is (or has been) your biggest influence and source of inspiration? (This doesn’t necessarily have to be anything photographic).
Books and storytelling

For this Project, what was your approach to shooting and documenting Skinningrove? What did you want the work to communicate?
My approach was to play with some of the tensions between Iris Murdoch’s novel ‘The Sea, The Sea’, and Skinningrove. In the book, a rather pompous London theatre director, Charles Arrowby, retires to a village by the seaside and assumes a proprietal and often mistaken attitude to all that he surveys. I thought it would be interesting to record women reading Charles’ thoughts. The bucket represents a kind of stage, and both the women readers and Skinningrove take centre stage rather than Charles and his ego!

Did your thoughts and attitude change at all whilst making the work?
Yes, I can appreciate why Skinningrove is such a special place for so many people

Any other comments?
Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and to Rhys, it has been a real pleasure to be involved in this project