ASSIGNMENT – Relationships #2 – Carol & Sue, Twins

Sisters Carol and Sue.
Twins to be exact.
To be precise, mirror twins. They are mirror opposites. Carol is left handed, Sue right handed etc.

Carol is an artist based in Darlington. She is currently working on a PhD  –
Sue is a freelance illustrator in Newcastle –

This shoot documents the sisters getting ready for a re-exhibition of Carol’s work – Echo and Narcissus. Essentially, the work involves mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Each has been etched with a short quote from a novel.

Obviously, Carol and Sue have always been twins, however, they have only recently discovered that they are what’s known as ‘mirror twins’. It’s strangely ironic that Carol’s exhibition should employ such a strong use of these hand mirrors. The work was conceived and made before their revelation of ‘mirror twins’. Coincidence?