ASSIGNMENT – The Moment – #2 Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough – The Moment / Street

341 shots, 35 that I think are ‘OK’ = 10.2% success rate.

I’ve done this kind of thing before on the Streets of Middlesbrough and I’ve been stopped twice. I taught in Middlesbrough schools for 10 years, I feel strangely affectionate towards the place and its people. There is a odd thrill to shooting like this, I was there for about 1.5 hours. However, it is not the most friendly of places to do street work, I escaped this time, but there is a constant feeling of hostility and suspicion towards what I was doing.

I always wear running shoes. I am ready to make a dash whenever I need to.

I cannot decide if the light was good or dreadful. The low autumn sun was blinding, but the shadows and reflections were intriguing and made for some interesting shots. That being said, this is not the best street shoot that I have done. Luck wasn’t on my side, the ‘moments’ were scarce.

It’s got me thinking about two things, firstly Frames – how a split second or an extra stride forwards (or backwards) can either clarify or obscure elements. With certain images the frames pull you in, the physical edges serve as a barrier, the content is very much enveloped by the four edges. Other images have frames which do the opposite; your eyes are free to wander around the image and flow outside of the rectangle. You begin to consider what’s occurring beyond the perimeter.

It’s also making me question the Ethical aspects. Who am I making this work for? The covert nature of this work makes it feel like I’m stealing something or other, or there is a dishonesty.

Here’s the images that I feel work on some kind of level:

And, the entire shoot: