ASSIGNMENT – The Story – #3


Having recently taken on a new job in Newcastle, I have found myself spending more and more time in a large Northern City – not a bad thing.

My attention has now shifted towards the city – from an architectural/environmental point of view and its citizens.

Currently, the work is following two strands: 1) Emptiness, mundanity, banality and the quotidian. 2) Moments of serendipitous, candid and ‘decisive’ imagery, perhaps classifiable as ‘Street’.

I am interested in how and where street/urban documentary work sits in terms of identifying critical points in everyday life. I am also intrigued by how street/urban (I’m not sure what to call this work, a style, genre etc!?) photography fits into conventional Photojournalism / Documentary Photography and even perhaps ‘Art’. I am not focused on front-line major news events, nor am I attempting to expose tragic social episodes; instead the attention is broadly concerned with investigating ‘working class’ spaces. That is, working class in the sense that all metropolitan areas and their satellite sub-urban annexes are domains of the working classes.  Upper, Middle or Working – it is somewhat irrelevant – in cities they all become workers of some degree.

Perhaps the work is culture-less or artless. The content is prosaic, humdrum and utilitarian, the locations and people captured all share a common unifying space concerned with popular values rather than social remoteness. The spaces, infrastructure and details are only there because of the workers demand.

Anyway, here are some of the shots. I have lots more. I am trying to shoot each day.

Next? I have started to re-visit the work of Ed Ruscha, Robert Frank and Jan Dibbets. Perhaps they will play a part in the next developments?

/// ///

(My other projects involving ‘Allotments’ and off-grid living is still ongoing, just at a slower pace).