ASSIGNMENT – The Story – #1

IDEA ONE – Fly to the Chubut Province of Patagonia and document the socio-cultural life of the Welsh speaking tribe in Y Wladfa.

But, this is unlikely to happen. For now.

IDEA TWO – For some time I have been intrigued by folk who lead a quietly rebellious life. People who, in a low-pitched manner, stick two fingers up at society and life. A kind of sober anarchy.

  • Allotments – These are a current obsession of mine. I’ve been given the keys to a local allotment site allowing me constant access. The concept of unity through community is rife within the culture of allotments. The ethos of Dig for Victory or Make Do and Mend is, I feel, still detectable when you take a stroll through any allotment plot. I am particularly interested in this co-operative aspect and the questions – do allotments exist only for the growing of food or has their purpose become something more akin to ‘getting out of the house’, escapism? Is tending to an allotment now more of a freedom activity, if so, what is its place in the leisure industry? I am also interested to discover if the environment is as harmonious and idyllic as once intended, do modern day life problems interfere; boundaries, possessions, jealousy, austerity (Brexit!?), sharing etc? What motivates allotment holders to construct and shape their allotted plots in the manner that they do? It is a cultural phenomenon that has intrigued me for some time. I feel that these initial questions will in turn generate others and my investigations could go deeper. The physical construction of each plot, their buildings and propagation units are ramshackle, crudely cobbled assemblages; remarkably similar to shanty-towns. These are places that appear to have never heard of B&Q.
  • Communes –
  • Off-grid living – I am in the process of finding people/organisations who lead self-sufficient or ‘off-grid’ lives and those who work together to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future.
  • Homeschooling
  • Democratic Schools (the true and original ‘free’ schools) – For Example, Summerhill –