Murdoch & The Sea

Sunday 7th October.

Spent a great couple of hours on Skinningrove beach with Carol Sommer, one of my Collaborators ( Carol is in the very, very last stages of her PhD working on the novels of Iris Murdoch and the experience of women in her books.

These ‘video-shorts’ work well for both of us – they provide Carol with new material and also allow myself to develop my filming/audio skills (and naturally furthers the whole Collaborative project).

This first clip is VERY lightly edited. It’s nowhere near finished.

Essentially, the brief was straightforward – find local women and ask them to read quotes from Murdoch’s ‘The Sea’. Hopefully, there will be 15 or 16 of these. We gathered about half of those today, we’ll be back for more soon.

Vimeo version here :

Below, Carol Sommer (Image courtesy of Jon Lymer – another Collaborator)