Skinningrove #2

Since the last visit, I’ve only managed to get back to Skinningrove once more. However, the few weeks in-between have given me the chance to research a little further into Skinningrove’s photographic history/legacy.

There’s too much to write and explain here – I’ll add that as a separate post.

Nonetheless, this visit was extremely interesting. Quite early in the morning, I made about an hours worth of short video recordings and sounds – not sure where to take these, hence why I’m not showing them yet.

I had another plan for the day, I wanted to see if I could track down some of the folk that appeared in Killips original images from the 80s.

A whole new set of stories emerged. Again, too much to add here, I need to put the findings and thoughts into words and add a new post. But, for now, here’s a very short visual summary.



The Original set by Chris Killip: