The Idea

Audio – Tim Hecker, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, all things drone, Krautrock or BLEEP…

Video – Kurt Kren,, Tarkovsky, SixPack, LeCinemaClub

Photography – Killip, Ray-Jones, Ruscha, Luigi Ghirri, John Myers, all things Side Gallery, Stephen Shore, Egglestone, Kent Grant…

Other – The sky, the weather, Yi-Fu Tuan, the Psychogeography movement, R4, Tim Cresswell…

Working Title:



05/10/18 – I had written more here, however, I’m having a rethink and a reshuffle of thoughts.

I have recently met with Marijn Nieuwenhuis, Assistant Professor in Human Geography at Durham University:

“I work on air, atmosphere and territorial governance. I am broadly interested also in aesthetic expressions of geographic imaginations and belongings. I am currently doing a project on a part of Coventry, in which photography plays an important role (”

I came away with lots to consider.

One thing is for certain, the ‘elemental’ aspect of this study is far more apparent to me than before. Given the ancient links to the sea, the iron deposits of the earth and the strong cultural obsession with pigeons – the sky  – we have three of the great forces of nature. Add the annual Bonfire to the equation and all four elements come into play – fire.