Hello, I’m Rhys, a wedding photographer based in the North of England. I trained as a photojournalist and documentary photographer, I’ve been shooting weddings since 2007. I adore telling stories with images, if you're interested in what I do, drop me a line, I’d love to tell your story too.

Ok, this isn't a wedding, but I'm rarely in front of a camera, I'm usually behind one! I sometimes fly drones, so, here I am, er, flying a drone. Hello! 
The short Bio: Born in Yorkshire, raised in Lancashire, moved back to Yorkshire. I now live in the North East.

I have a Masters Degree in Documentary Photography and a Degree in Fine Art.
I like Bourbon biscuits.
Fully DBS checked. 
For the past sixteen years, I have been observing and listening to people's stories.  For me, it’s all about watching, studying… seeing. 
I've come to realise that I'm good at telling visual stories, essentially, I'm a people watcher. Weddings are crammed full of narratives, emotion, beauty, drama and laughter. My job is to capture this story from start to finish, the ceremony, the characters, the details, the tears, the quirks, the humour and the romance. I don't run about with lots of big flash stands, reflectors or complicated photo props. I don't push people about or shout. I'm six foot five but I manage to blend in. Weddings are unique, the same story never happens twice. If I am asked ‘What’s been your favourite wedding?’, I cannot answer.  To me, each wedding is notable.
When you are old, wrinkled and grey, I want your wedding photographs to act as a replay button, I want your images to resonate 40, 50 or 60 years from now. There is always a story to be told, I will watch it unfold and document each moment. When people recognise or understand something, they often say ‘Ah, I see!’ – I believe there is a good reason, it’s about just that: seeing.
Style? I'm uncomplicated. My approach - observant, candid, in with the action, un-posed - above all truthful. I'm not into special effects or heavy editing. I aim to create beautiful, uncluttered images. Images that speak for themselves, pictures that record and reveal. I don’t think my work is light and airy, nor is it dark and moody. I simply intend to show how it felt to be there.


My photography training started in my mid-teens with darkrooms and odorous chemicals. I'm now 49  - the fixation is as strong as ever.

When not taking photographs, drawing, painting or editing images I like to go running (10k's, that kind of thing), visiting the coast and eating chips whilst staring out to sea. It's also common to find me repairing, renovating or making stuff from old furniture and junk. 

Some more useless trivia: I have a 'thing' for pens and pencils. I have size 13 feet. I've never read any Shakespeare. I can devour several apples in a day. Music - vinyl, CD, MP3 - Abba to Zappa, Folk to Punk, Electro to Classical - I love it all. I have a resting heart rate of 41 bpm. I've been called a 'font freak', I think I may have been a typographer in a former life. Anything below 70% content is not chocolate. I can stare at maps for hours, they fascinate me. I will NEVER buy a SatNav. I'm a Vegetarian. I collect cameras, I've got dozens of them, sometimes I make my own, I'm obsessed. 

Darlington Wedding Photographers
- Rhys Baker -
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